About Us

The Story so far...

My love for computers started 20 years ago, I was fascinated by the flashing lights and the sounds of fans spinning, took apart my Aunt's computer to see how it worked, while she was unaware of this in the kitchen cooking can guess her reaction when she found her computer in pieces on the living room floor...

From there my fascination with technology grew deeper, and at the start of the new Millennium I began building custom made computers for friends and family - saving them hundreds of pounds against high street prices.

"My love for technology and passion for people is still as strong today. I've been lucky to attract people into my life who share those ideals. Our mission is simple, by providing high quality computers, we keep costs low, this allows us to provide an exceptional service, with added value for our customers" Andre Bellodi, Director

Company Vision and Mission

Our mission is to provide superb computers combined with excellent customer service in order to get the Entire UK fully online without the big price tags that can be found on the high street. By raising the quality in every area of our operation, we've discovered the costs get lower and lower.

Our passion for technology enables us to provide low cost, high value computers with a friendly technical support to all of Great Britain.

In 2015 we've had no returns on computers and laptops sold!

Why Choose Us

We offer a unique and personal service, by taking the time to get to know our customers, we provide them with exactly what they need from a computer, this in turn saves them money by avoiding buying components that they don't need.

Every computer bought from us comes with FREE Technical support - we believe knowledge should be shared. If you find yourself having any difficulties with your new computer simply contact us by: E-mail or Online Contact and we will call you back at no cost to yourself.

All our custom built computers ship with a concrete warranty - each individual component is backed by the manufacturer for up to 3 years. In fact our RAM Memory has a lifetime warranty!

Our Services

Because our computers are tailored to your needs, rather than selling you what you don't need - they are often hundreds of pounds cheaper than the same spec computer found on the high street!

We have our own in-house dedicated, team of certified professionals right here in the UK, not a call center on the other side of the world. You will always speak to a person who you can understand and who knows what they're doing so your issues can be resolved quickly.

We are a genuine registered business. We love communicating with people, on the phone or in person. Call us for chat and we'll gladly guide you through the process of choosing the right computer for your needs.

Home & Office PCs100%

Home & Office PCs - 100%

Gaming PCs100%

Gaming PCs - 100%

iMacs & Macbooks75%

iMacs & Macbooks - 95%

Refurbished Computers85%

Refurbished Computers - 100%