Which Computer to Buy

How To Decide Which Computer To Buy?

Deciding which computer to buy can be rather confusing with all the technical decisions to make regarding various specifications on different systems.

Several things come to mind when buying a new computer such as;

  • How much RAM will I need?
  • How much Hard drive space should I opt for?
  • What Processor does my new computer need to have?
  • Do I need a graphics card?
  • What version of Windows will work best for me?

 While these questions are valid, let's forget them for the moment and focus on a simpler, fundamental question;

What do I need my new computer to do?

Thinking about the sort of applications you want to run will help you make an informed decision on the spec you need for your new computer.

Basic Applications

If you only intend to browse the web, e-mail, use office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Then you're in luck - most computers will easily handle these day to day tasks - even those at the budget end of the market. Take a look at our range of Home & Office Desktops and Laptop Computers.

Entertainment Applications

An Entertainment Computer will be able to run all the basic applications and may also be used to watch TV, play games, store photos, videos and music. Systems such as these require more power and memory in order to run smoothly while operating higher functions. Take a look at our range of Multi-Media Desktop Computers and Multi-Media Laptops.

Professional & HD Gaming Applications

A high-end computer will be able to do everything that the computers in the categories above can do and much more. Professional applications include the Adobe Creative Suite, AUTO CAD, the ability to edit high definition photos, music and HD video as well as playing the latest games with the best possible performance. These systems are configured with more powerful processors, faster RAM, fast high capacity hard disk drives, HD Sound Cards, and dedicated graphics cards. This added performance comes with a higher price tag. Take a look at our Gaming Computers, Gaming Laptops, as well as our Professional range that includes Graphics Design Computers, Sound Engineering Computers and Multi-Monitor Computers.